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We aim to "we will become an innovative parts manufacturer"


Manufacture of precision parts

Our company is responsible for the manufacture of precision parts, plating, quenching and assembly.

Size processed/materials handled

machining size

  • Circular parts: Ø 1.5 to Ø 250, length: 500 mm
  • In the case of square parts; X 400, Y 300, Z 200


  • Machining parts with micron tolerance
  • Machining parts with submicron tolerances

processed material

Iron SCM,S,SS,etc.
Aluminum A7075,A6061,A6063,A5052,A5056,A2017,etc.
Stainless steel SUS316,SUS303,SUS430,SUS420J2,etc.
Brass C3614
Plastic POM,PTFE,PEEK,Acrylic,etc.

surface treatment


Our company provides to its customers with a service that includes plating (surface treatment).

  • black and white alumite
  • Iron tetroxide coating (black dyeing)
  • electroless nickel plating
  • galvanizing

quenching treatment

At our company, we contribute to the development of the supply chain by preparing the necessary machines in response to customer requests.

  • carburizing quenching
  • nitriding treatment
  • vacuum quenching



Our company uses CAD/CAM to create in-process drawings and programs for in-house use.


The creation of in-process drawings by CAD is effective in establishing quality assurance and reducing defects in each process.


The most important thing is to understand the drawing before making the product. In addition, by creating a program using CAM, outside setup is performed to increase the efficiency of work. In addition, with CAM, complex machining can be programmed as desired, enabling confirmation of man-hours and processes, and reduction of cycle time.


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Quality policy

About Innovation It is important to make daily small efforts and make continuous improvements. In particular, in order to increase the number of customers, that need to start something new and then turn it into a customer. Communicating , is the ultimate goal of the company It takes courage to start something new, but we AIM to boldly challenge the innovation.


As a part of our management activities, by learning this philosophy and putting our management stance into practice, and in order to establish the ISO-9001 management system, we have to established the following “Quality Policy" in our business activities.


  • We strive to improve technology and quality through continuous innovation.
  • In order to meet the expectations that needs of our customers, we will respond quickly and accurately to their needs and supply parts and services that satisfies the customer requirement
  • We will focus on creating the value of products and best quality at the stage of process design to stabilize the manufacturing quality and improve reliabilities of our product.
  • We will ensure that employees are all aware and well understand the set-up quality policy. And to make sure that, it is consistently followed, implemented, and maintained.
  • The quality policy will be reviewed periodically to confirm on its appropriateness and consistency for the continuous improvement and evaluation

Environmental Policy

  • In the manufacture and sale of cutting parts, we prioritize the use of cutting oil and tools that takes the environment into consideration, and strive harder to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible in the production process.
  • In order to the effectual use of limited global resources, we will promote energy conservation and reduce waste.
  • Our company complies with all relevant environmental laws and regulations on its business activities.

We will make this environmental policy well-known to everyone who works for our company. Set environmental objectives and targets, and periodically review them in order to achieve this policy.

Company Information

Japan aim Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment 2019.2/22
Representative Takashi Iwasa
Location Postal Code 343-0856
1-81-3 Yanaka Koshigaya City Saitama Japan
Capital Stock 3,010,000Yen
TEL +81-48-973-7820
FAX +81-48-973-7480
Philippines achieve innovators manufacturing inc
Date of Establishment 2019.4/8
Representative Takashi Iwasa
Location Unit1 Zhongyao Building Block18 Lot2&4 Suntrust Ecotown Tanza Cavite Philippines
Factory area 1,200㎡
Bank Metro Bank、Eastwast Bank、Robinsons Bank
Capital Stock 45,800,000Yen(21,529,000 Pesos)
TEL  +63-969-042-9140   +63-981-315-4000
SEC No CS201951695
PEZA No 19-056

Location of the Philippines Plant

Philippines Plant

Tanza City CAVITE

  • Location of the Philippines Plant About an hour from the airport
  • Industrial district name: SUNTRUST ECOTOWN (In PEZA)
  • Industrial Park Address: Brgy. Sahud Ulan, Tanza City CAVITE

Company Information

list of machinery and equipment

list of machinery and equipment

NC lathe (Swiss Type) + with material feeder 4 units
NC lathe (fixed type) + with material feeder 2 units
NC lathes 6 units
Machining centers 9 units
Grinding machines 2 units
Wrapping machine 1 unit

Washing machines

2 units

List of inspection equipment

List of inspection equipment

Three-dimensional measuring instruments(CMM) 3 units
Image measuring device(VMM) 2 units
Surface roughness meter 1 unit
Measuring Microscope 2 units
Caliper, Micrometer, Indicator, Inside Micrometer proper quantity
Dial Gauge,Eccentricity Tester proper quantity
Microscope, and Magnifier proper quantity

Inquiries by phone

If you have any questions or inquiries by phone, please use the phone number below.

Email enquiries

  • If you have any questions or inquiries via email, please contact us here.
  • Within 1 - 3 business days of receiving your inquiry, we will confirm the details by email or phone.
  • By any chance, if there is no email or phone after 4 business days, there is a possibility of trouble.
    In that case, please contact the above phone number.

Privacy policy

When we obtain personal information directly, we specify the purpose of the use of the information as far as possible and inform the person of that purpose.
We use the information only within the scope of the agreed purpose.

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